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RIVIAN Certified Collision Repair

Rivian’s repair procedures ensure your vehicle is returned to you in its originally designed state of safety. Alioto’s is proud to be certified in Rivian’s Collision Repair methods, which means we only provide you with repair methods and resources that shorten the time you are without your vehicle, and according to Rivian’s standards.

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Benefits of a Rivian CERTIFIED Auto Body Shop

Safe just like the day it was built.

We believe the Rivian designers that built your car are the experts, which is why we follow the Rivian-outlined procedures when repairing your vehicle. No stone is left unturned when it comes to your Rivian repair to ensure it's returned to you as safe as the day it was made.

Maintain your resale value.

While an estimate may seem more detailed following the manufacturer guidelines, these extra line items ensure your vehicle is repaired properly, which maintains the various safety features and the vehicle's structural integrity. When following the manufacturer’s repair guidelines you will retain the best resale value on your Rivian.

Maintain your warranty.

When your car is repaired following the Rivian Repair Procedures you will maintain all Rivian factory warranties and safety standards. If you choose a repair facility that is not certified, you risk voiding your warranty.

More than what the eye can see.

The shiny finish on the outside of your repaired Rivian is nice to look at, but what’s underneath the exterior is what matters the most. Many shops will cut corners that can show up after a vehicle has left the shop, or even worse, in your next collision. Alioto’s only follows the manufacturer’s repair procedures to ensure every last detail is fixed, protecting your safety and your car’s value.

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