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Porsche Certified Collision Repair

Porsche has the highest standard when it comes to repairing lightweight body shells. Alioto’s is proud to be in the network of certified Porsche Collision Repair facilities. This means we follow every step the Porsche Collision Repair Procedures outline when we repair your vehicle. When your Porsche is damaged, new technologies require new diagnostic and repair procedures. We are up to date on the latest methods, tools and materials Porsche requires on all its vehicle repairs.

Benefits of a Porsche CERTIFIED
Body Repair Shop

  • Safe just like the day it was built
    With all the complexities of a Porsche, who is better to perform repairs than who designed and built it? Alioto’s is trained and certified in all of Porche’s ongoing development so our body shop technicians repair your Porsche to the same standards like the day it was built in the factory.
  • Maintain your warranty
    When your car is repaired following the Porsche Repair Procedures you will maintain all Porsche factory warranties and safety standards. If you choose a repair facility that is not certified, you risk voiding your warranty.
  • Maintain your resale value
    All approved Porsche Collision Repair centers follow the most strict repair protocols. From temperature controlled equipment to electronic measuring systems for the most accurate diagnosis. This is how your Porsche’s value, safety and driving characteristics are preserved.
  • More than what the eye can see
    Many collision repair shop cut corners to save time and money. Most people only see the shiny finish on a repair, but what’s underneath the exterior is what matters the most. Missed steps can show up after the car has left the shop, or even worse, in your next collision. Alioto’s only follows the manufacturer’s repair procedure to ensure every last detail is fixed protecting your safety and your car’s value.

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