Alioto’s Garage would like to inform the public that we are committed to staying open as long as possible in the face of these difficult times to serve customer and community needs. Currently San Francisco is allowing auto repair shops to remain open and we will stay open and provide our top quality service until told otherwise. We will pick up and deliver cars for customers. We will also completely wipe down the interior of your car and disinfect it when picking it up, and before dropping off. If anything changes we will update this notice. Thank You - Alioto’s Garage Inc.
Alioto’s is committed to staying open as an essential business. We follow all local and state guidelines to keep our customers and staff safe. We wipe down recommended areas of your car’s interior to disinfect at drop-off and again at the time of pick up. Together we will keep each other safe. Thank you!

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Porsche Approved Collision Center

We are a Porsche Approved Collision Center!

We can make your Porsche look like new again if you have collision damage or want to restore it back to its pristine factory standards. Only the best are picked to be a Porsche Approve Collision Center and at Alioto’s, we are proud to be one of the chosen few.

A Porsche offers one of the most exciting experiences in driving. Automotive enthusiasts can quickly identify a Porsche because of their distinct appearance and look. And Porsche has dedicated enormous amount of time and resource to building their cars with engineering perfection.

Your Porsche Approved Collision Center should do the same.

We have been specifically trained and equipped to properly repair a Porsche to its original factory specifications. We have passed a lengthy certification process and we are audited yearly to ensure standards and procedures are maintained.

porsche approved collision center work

Why Use A Porsche Approved Collision Center?

We use only Genuine Porsche parts, tools, and equipment to bring your Porsche back to its pristine condition. Porsche uses some of the most advanced materials in auto manufacturing today. The use of these materials helps emphasize safety and value.

  • Genuine Porsche Parts
  • Commitment to Ongoing Training
  • Updated Technology, Tools, and Equipment
  • Advanced Materials Knowledge
  • I-CAR Certified Repair Technicians 
  • Maintain Resale Value & Original Factory Warranty 


Taking your Porsche anywhere but Alioto’s Garage or a Porsche Approved Collision Center, could make the situation even more painful. Porsche demands excellence when it comes to high-quality collision repairs. 

We are dedicated to bringing your Porsche back to its original look and factory standards. And we take great strides in handling everything to make the repair process as painless as possible. 

Alioto’s Garage can also provide;
Towing Assistance
Insurance Claim & Rental Car Assistance
Full-Service Collision Repairs
Lifetime Warranty 

If you are in need of collision repairs for your Porsche, contact our Folsom St. location today and talk with one of our certified repair techs to set up your appointment for an estimate. We are the bay area’s preferred Porsche Approved Collision Center. 

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you!

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