Aluminum Repair Facility

Alioto’s Aluminum Repair

As part of our certifications by various manufacturers, we are required to purchase state of the art tools specifically for aluminum repair.  Many high end cars, including Porsche®, BMW®, Tesla, the Corvette Stingray, and even the new Ford® F-150 all have parts the require special aluminum welding, weld-bonding, or rivet-bonding.

When these cars or trucks require repairs, who can fix them? Aluminum repairs require specialized tools and conditions under which the work is performed.  Alioto’s has Celette jig benches and a dedicated aluminum room, which allows us to accomodate all repairs without delays or back logs.  We ensure that our technicians remain up to date with all factory training and purchase the necessary tools in order to remain on top of the collision repair industry. Our certified Aluminum Master Technicians are qualified to repair those cars with the same finesse and quality as they were built.

Aluminum is much more expensive to work on than steel, primarily because it’s more difficult.

  • The MIG welding techniques require precision in the shielding gas mixture and travel speed. Tesla and Porsche® certified shops are required to purchase a Fronius aluminum MIG welder, same as what they use in the factory.
  • Aluminum is prone to galvanic corrosion so there must not be ANY steel that comes near the repairs (dust, debris, etc.)
  • The shop must purchase a duplicate set of tools to be used exclusively with aluminum panels (to prevent galvanic corrosion).
  • Aluminum dust is explosive, so the shop must be equipped with extra safety equipment such as the Ruwac explosion proof vacuum cleaner.
  • Aluminum conducts heat much better than steel, which makes the process of heating for repairs very different. Also, aluminum does not turn red before reaching its melting or annealing points, so an untrained tech can easily turn a simple dent into a totaled car.

As you can see, there are other valid reasons for repair shops to charge much more for aluminum repairs. At Alioto’s, we do our best to mitigate and minimize those repairs costs, but NEVER at the expense of safety and thorough repairs.  Often times, the best repair, is the minimal repair (think of non-invasive plastic surgery).  Other times, the difference between quality and “good enough” can be quite costly.  In any case, rest assure, we will always deliver the BEST REPAIR POSSIBLE, at the most competitive rates.