Alioto’s Garage would like to inform the public that we are committed to staying open as long as possible in the face of these difficult times to serve customer and community needs. Currently San Francisco is allowing auto repair shops to remain open and we will stay open and provide our top quality service until told otherwise. We will pick up and deliver cars for customers. We will also completely wipe down the interior of your car and disinfect it when picking it up, and before dropping off. If anything changes we will update this notice. Thank You - Alioto’s Garage Inc.
Alioto’s is committed to staying open as an essential business. We follow all local and state guidelines to keep our customers and staff safe. We wipe down recommended areas of your car’s interior to disinfect at drop-off and again at the time of pick up. Together we will keep each other safe. Thank you!

Now open at our new location in San Mateo
--Our Van Ness Location has moved to McAllister Street--

Rental Car Assistance

Alioto’s Rental Car Assistance

At Alioto’s, we understand that being without a vehicle can be difficult, and for some, this is simply not an option. Our collision centers make the auto body repair process extremely easy for you with rental car assistance available on-site through Enterprise Rent-A-Car® (hours vary by location).

We only work with those who we can trust and have developed a relationship with, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car® meets all of our standards. Just like all of us at Alioto’s, Enterprise is committed to doing things the right way by taking care of their customers.

If you’re looking for an auto body shop that takes care of you through the entire repair process, give one of our 4 locations in San Francisco and the Peninsula a call today! Towing services are also available through Golden Gate Tow Inc.

Aliotos Image - Enterprise rent a car office
Aliotos Image - Aliotos white company truck in garage